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A Healing Grace

Healing families with grace and faithfulness through God.

  Elaina is at St.Jude Children's Research Hospital in hopes of finding a miracle for her!

  Previous scans showed several spots on both lungs and one on her brain. Elaina had surgery to remove the spots on her right lung in SC. After meeting with her doctors in Memphis at St. Jude Hospital, they found out that the spot on her brain is NOT cancerous! The Pet Scan however, did show that she has tumors on her left lung and her lymph nodes.

  They are trying a phase 2 trial where they will give her a drug that will stop the gene mutation from feeding the tumor. Hopefully with the miracle of God, the cancer will NOT be able thrive in her body!

  Rhabdoid tumor is incurable. This is Elaina's chance for a miracle! The trial medicine will have the same common side affects as chemotherapy. She will most likely be sporting the bald is beautiful look.

  The family plans to be in Memphis, TN for a month, possibly longer. Elaina's mom just gave birth to Elaina's new baby sister Kaisley on January 23rd. St. Jude is an Amazing hospital where no family pays for medical treatment! However, bills are still piling up for this family at home. Click the Donate button under Elaina's photo to give to this family today!