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A Healing Grace

Healing families with grace and faithfulness through God.

Meet Caylie:

Caylie’s mom Kayla, took Caylie to the hospital on May 17th thinking she may have an ear infection. Kayla knew something was wrong with Caylie, but she never imagined it would be brain cancer. Scans revealed a tumor the size of a large lime at the base of Caylie’s brain. Caylie had brain surgery May 19th and they were able to remove the entire tumor. Caylie has been diagnosed with a rare cancer called Embryonal Tumor.

The family decided to travel to St. Jude’s because there are no treatment options available locally for this type of cancer. At St. Jude’s more testing revealed additional tumors on Caylie’s spine.

Due to Covid-19 both parents are not allowed to be by Caylie’s side. Housing is usually provided by St. Jude’s for families in treatment. However, with Covid, only one parent is allowed and no siblings. They are currently searching for a place to stay in Memphis as a family. In times like this, you need your family! Unfortunately, this creates another expense and stress for this family. They still have bills to pay at home in SC too. To help this family financially, please donate here: Every penny goes to Caylie’s family.

Caylie will begin chemotherapy tomorrow, Friday June 19th. The family expects to be in Memphis for the next 4-6 months.

Giving financially is important but more importantly is your prayers. Pray for 100% complete healing of Caylie’s earthly body. Pray for the family’s peace and grace they need to get through Caylie’s treatment.